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Socio-Emotional Assessment of children/adolescents


The socio-emotional assessment of children/adolescents is  a child-friendly approach during which the professional obtain information to assist with making recommendations and/or plan therapeutic interventions. Age-appropriate techniques and media are used to assess the child's functioning in all spheres of life.


The following areas are covered during the 2-hour assessment: screening of motor and perceptual skills, attachment relationships, the child's experience of peer group and school, the child's relationship with parents and siblings, the child's experience of the parental relationship, the child's temperament and self esteem and screening for trauma.


Please contact me for a more detailed information brochure on the process followed and costs involved.


Interactional Analysis


An interactional analysis is used to evaluate a parent (caregiver)-child interaction. Such an assessment provides the professional with information to plan effective interventions with parents (caregivers) and children. During the assessment, information pertaining to parental skills, attachment and the strenghts and weaknesses in the relationship is obtained. These assessments are often useful in the assessment of young children (<4y), children who are presenting with attachment-related problems or where there were disruptions in attachment and suitable interventions need to be planned.


Please contact me for a more detailed information brochure on the process followed and costs involved.


Psychological testing


The following psychological tests/materials are available at the practice to be used for assessment/screening purposes. The specific assessment materials used will depend on the reason for referral and the specific needs/limitations of the child.


JSAIS (cognitive ability)

SSIAS-R (cognitive ability)

Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt  Test

Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration

Thematic Apperception Test



Kinetic Family Drawing

Sentence Completion














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