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'Play is the language of children' (Gary Landreth)


The world of a child is an interesting, but complex one. Therefore, any psychotherapeutic intervention with children should always be preceded by a throrough assessment that takes into account all the facets (cognitive, social and emotional) of a child's life. My therapeutic work with children is always preceded by a socio-emotional assessment of the child that enables me to understand the unique needs, strengths and abilities of each child. It further assists me to formulate a therapeutic intervention which may involve play therapy, parental guidance, skills training or combinations of these.


I can assist children with emotional, social and behavioural problems, children who have experienced trauma and loss, children who struggle to adjust and who experience difficulty witih low self esteem and peer relations.


Play therapy is a well-established treatment modality during which a therapist uses play to assist children to deal more effectively with emotional and behavioural difficulties. What makes play therapy different to other forms of play, is that it occurs in a specific environment, with clear boundaries, suitable materials and most importantly, a specific type of relationship with the therapist.


I offer both non-directive and more structured forms of play therapy and schedule regular feedback meetings with parents as part of the treatment process.



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